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Bidding for Love- Kyo Mitsurugi [Chapter 4: 6-10]

Bidding for love. About the delivery system: Bid strategies

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About the delivery system: I liked the way you talked about handling uneven financial resources or pay for child care. This is different than traditional auctions because the winner isn't the ad with the highest monetary bid, but the ad that creates the most total value. I guess the fix would be for the loser to up their bid or save up their earnings and take a whole week off.

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We call this the learning phase , and recommend waiting until the learning phase is over before making a significant change to your bid cap or target cost. Though it would seem like a suspiciously convenient coincidence if it just happened to come out the same as your income ratio. However, to get the most out of advertising on Facebook, you should strive to maximize all factors - enable us to bid competitively, create compelling ads and target them to the right audience.

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Billions of these auctions take place everyday. Seems like it could lead to a pattern of valuing most purchases for home, which actually benefit everyone equally, less and therefore paying less. Are you going to pay the kids to do chores while they grow up or employ this system with them? I had already forgotten that!

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I feel like my home should be free from this sort of economic tyranny. We set your bid for you in alignment with your selected bid strategy.

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