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How to Senegalese Twists on Natural Hair - PROTECTIVE STYLE

Do senegalese twist break your hair. Crochet Braids Hairstyles

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Spiral braid gives a bouncy and fluffy look to the hair. So we cut off our damaged strands, or transitioned them out, and beautiful curls and coils started popping up everywhere. And you do have also an option to tie this twisted braid at the back for a new look.

What is the Difference Between Curl Defining Creams & Gels?

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Senegalese Twisted High Bun Normally Senegalese are thick and trying a high bun with these thick hair is a pretty good idea. Maybe one style is being done too much in your hair, or too tightly? This kind of hair it too thick and dense.

List of Top Crochet Braids Hairstyles This Season

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This rough handling causes breakage. The proof is always in the pudding.

Self-Diagnosing Natural Hair Breakage

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This glamorous style can be easily embellished with a few bright colored strands or braid jewels. There is some form of excessive manipulation, here, due to the accessories you use, the way you style, detangle, comb, brush, dress and sleep. To help maintain these curls, try placing them in Bantu knots at night and apply your favorite oil or anti-humidity serum.

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