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Guinea conakry city. ___ Guinea-Bissau

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The population of Guinea is young, with more than two-fifths of the people under age Experiments conducted in the early s with large-scale cooperative agricultural production were unsuccessful. The old city, located on Tombo Island, retains the segregated aspect of a colonial town, while the Camayenne Peninsula community has only a few buildings of the colonial period. He subsequently spent a period of exile in France.

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Both river and ocean fisheries yield large catches of food fish. Its base rocks of granite and gneiss coarse-grained rock containing bands of minerals are covered with laterite red soil with a high content of iron oxides and aluminum hydroxide and sandstone gravel. Guinea did not hold democratic elections until when General Conte head of the military was elected president of the civilian government. The final verdict on the matter had been postponed to September

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Settlement patterns Since the s Guinea has experienced rapid population growth, accompanied by continuing migration from the rural areas to the urban centres. He was reelected in and

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