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Video about how can you remove nail polish:

*TOP 3 WAYS* to remove nail polish without remover

How can you remove nail polish. You're Doing It Wrong: How to Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

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Wait about minutes. I confess I have not had these results, but mine have lasted a good 10 days.

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I have found it to be easy and successful over and over again. Early nail polish formulas were created using basic ingredients such as lavender oil , Carmine , oxide tin, and bergamot oil. Just dip a cotton ball or swab in a little amount of perfume and rub your painted nails with it. It forms a hardened barrier for the nail that can prevent chipping, scratching and peeling.

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Since you must cover your entire nail bed with acetone-soaked cotton to ensure that the gel is removed properly, that barrier layer will help from ravaging and drying out delicate cuticles during the process, they explained. History[ edit ] Nail polish originated in China and dates back to BC. Dark Nail Color — Surprised? Many top coats are marketed as "quick-drying.

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