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You CANNOT Own A Wolf or Wolfdog - This is why...

How to think like a wolf. 11 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

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Every failure of your horse is your failure. This is just a weird coincidence. I have turned off comments to keep out bad people who might be attracted by this sort of thing. That is totally open to everybody.

Looking For a Wolf-Like Dog?

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People that do not own trailers do not normally pull trailers, so the odds of them messing up or having an accident are high. They are a horse and that is all they know how to be. A Horse is a Reflection of You!

11 Dogs That Look Like Wolves

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A New York Times article from last September that went viral only recently: If you take care of and learn your horsemanship, your horsemanship will take care of you and your horse.

Support Wolf Song of Alaska!

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Those are probably just rocks in the shape of pyramids. Unless you can understand the horse has no choice and only knows how to be a horse, you will never develop a good trusting relationship with your horse.

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