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Video about my rights as a parent against cps:

How CPS will get you to voluntarily give them your children - know your rights and know the law

My rights as a parent against cps. Stay Connected

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Because they used their heads, assessed the situation, and determined, that no harm was done, and a warning was sufficient. In those cases the people are either unqualified for their jobs, or worse, they are simply malicious and their ignorance is intentional.

Do you have additional questions about non custodial parent rights?

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MichelleB August 12, at 2: Grandparents who lose their grandchildren to strangers have lost their own flesh and blood.


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Overwhelmed for the moment, the parents agreed after the CPS Worker told the parents she wanted to see legs, arms, back and belly. I seriously considered not fostering anymore. Make any records or documentation you have kept concerning the child available to social workers.

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