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The peacock displays the divine shape of Omkara when it spreads its magnificent plumes into a full-blown circular form. Wild peafowl look for their food scratching around in leaf litter either early in the morning or at dusk. The redundant signal hypothesis explains that whilst each signal that a male projects is about the same quality, the addition of multiple signals enhances the reliability of that mate.

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This brightly hued peacock was adopted due to the increase in colour programming. In both species females are as big as males but lack the train and the head ornament. On a king's table, a peacock would be for ostentatious display as much as for culinary consumption. The redundant signal hypothesis explains that whilst each signal that a male projects is about the same quality, the addition of multiple signals enhances the reliability of that mate.

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Emidius by Carlo Crivelli , a peacock is sitting on the roof above the praying Virgin Mary. Amotz Zahavi used the excessive tail plumes of male peafowls as evidence for his " Handicap Principle ". It is noticed by keepers that Peafowl enjoy protein rich food including larvae that infest granaries , different kinds of meat and fruit, as well as vegetables including dark leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, beans, beets, and peas.

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Hera had transformed Io into a cow after learning of Zeus 's interest in her. Slight changes to the spacing of these barbules result in different colours. Mariko Takahashi found no evidence that peahens preferred peacocks with more elaborate trains such as with more eyespots , a more symmetrical arrangement, or a greater length. The emblem made its first on-air appearance on 22 May

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