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It really does have a unique creamy, fluffy taste and texture like no other brand. I exchanged a few emails with product creator and company CEO Sam Gerard and found him to be incredibly passionate and firm in his stance that his product was without a doubt the BEST on the market. Kale — Rich in folate, vitamin C and K, calcium, iron, and beta-carotene. And while veggies and fruit do contain protein, I needed more of those protein-rich plant foods in my diet.

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This powder is very not-sweet, so you can add as many drudgery fruits as you'd past to your blend. One record is very not-sweet, so you can add as many drudgery pals as you'd considering to your blend.

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A few years back, I tested stacks and stacks of powders and reviewed them for everything from price to flavor to ingredients. As someone who likes to be in motion at all times, this was a big adjustment. One of my vegan friends described Vega One Chocolate as her go-to protein shake, "It tastes good and it is the only one I can drink.

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Super simple product with some very appealing qualities. If you love green smoothies, and all things love-infused, give Green Dream a try!

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Genius, inspiring community these ladies have created. I really hope they come out with more flavors soon! Hemp seeds also reduce inflammation in the body and balance hormones.

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I will repeat myself, but these are simply my highlights and thoughts. Everyone is different and everyone has varying health needs and concerns.

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