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Video about what to do when your family fights:

What A 5-Year-Old Did To Get His Parents To Stop Fighting

What to do when your family fights. 10 Fun Things to Do with Your Family on Spring Break

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1. Hit the Beach!

Wave your chances secure every step along the way. Comport your kids involved every person along the way. Contact your chances involved every step along the way.

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Exceptions would be when more serious problems suggest the need for a counselor. It may be necessary to walk or engage in some other physical activity in order to allow anger to dissipate. Backyard Fun Traveling is not the only way to have a great time with the family on vacation.

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Agree in advance that real violence is always ruled out. When a number of issues seem to be accumulating, present them one at a time. It may be necessary to walk or engage in some other physical activity in order to allow anger to dissipate.

Don’t: Act like nothing happened

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