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While their previous releases had been strictly punk-influenced noise rock, Make Them Die Slowly had more of a heavy metal sound. Michael Alago, a representative of Geffen, became interested after hearing God of Thunder and watched one of their shows at Pyramid Club and liked them, mostly for their song "Soul-Crusher". Tempesta continued his musical relationship with Zombie, drumming for him on his first two solo albums, Hellbilly Deluxe and The Sinister Urge.

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Researchers suspect through DNA analysis that the source of infection in this individual originated in the Eastern U. The release contained two songs, "Pig Heaven" and "Slaughter the Grey". An exciting note about the teaser website is that it runs using WebGL browser-based 3D tech that even works on mobile! It was released under the band's own label Silent Explosion , under which they would release most of their early work.

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