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Video about wife blames me for all her problems:

What should I do if my spouse always blames me for things?

Wife blames me for all her problems. Nigella Lawson left stunned as Charles Saatchi dramatically announces divorce - and blames HER

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Within months it was at the stage where, in order to get out of bed each morning, I'd have to roll sideways before launching myself from that position. Create empathy with the alcoholic and protect yourself and your feelings. I have had hand surgery that went terribly wrong on my right hand and my left hand is wearing out.

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Thankfully, our many years of experience with alcoholics and their close relationships have taught us what to do when an alcoholic blames you for their problems. However, there are many tools and support groups, such as Al-Anon, available to help you. The disease is to blame.


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If you find yourself in a situation where an alcoholic is blaming you, remember that you are not to blame. Within 6 weeks I was disciplined for missing scans yet I cleared all scans before the day was over. Any one, period, could have done a far better job. With these steps, the goal is to diffuse the situation, to let the alcoholic know you are there for them, and to keep yourself safe and sane throughout the process.


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His words could hardly be more calculated to publicly humiliate Nigella. It is our back breaking work that you have derived this ridiculous sum of money for your poor performance and misdirected blame for the USPS problems. I am sorry that we had a row. The alcoholic could still hurt themselves with you there, and having yourself and your family around to witness that helps no one.

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